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This memorial website was created to remember our dearest Lucinda (Lucie) who was born on September 19, 2006 and passed away on April 11, 2018.

Lucie was rescued from American Lab Rescue on January 6, 2006 from Port St. Joe Florida and transported up to meet us at 4 months old. She joined the Curto household and met her sister Cybil (Cybie) also a Lab who at the time was battling cancer.  From Lucie's early puppy years she was full of energy and very the time my husband was in the military and Lucie proceeded to chew up the bottom of his uniforms with Cybie looking on as if to say...."Your in trouble now"  and Cybie would know because she too was obsessed with our clothes and would actually bring them into her kennel..  After Cybie passed Lucie took on the role of constant companion, vigilant guardian and protector of the family. She was with me at every turn and knew exactly what I needed and what I was saying to her all the time. I was amazed at her comprehensive abilities and I truly believe she understood my every word.  To all that had the chance to meet Lucie and the beautiful girl that she was in and out and her calm manner....."All Dogs Go To Heaven" no doubt.  I love you Lucie from the day I picked you up from your transport straight into my life, then straight through to giving you back to God.  While I mourn your passing, I am comforted you departed as you lived......with gentle kindness and dignity.  I love you until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge....MAMMAS

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